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Conoce Beats 2

Beats! is a complete and fun book designed for secondary students. In Beats! we have taken into consideration the interests and needs of the age group as well as their cognitive development to make the learning process an enjoyable experience.

Throughout this book, students will actively participate in meaningful and dynamic activities allowing them to communicate and practice English as they enjoy learning.

As this level, students are able to develop skills, knowledge, attitudes and strategies in order to interact in social practices using the language in both oral and written ways. We are sure that will find the topics, activities, stories, and situations in this book, appealing and interesting. They will also discover the power of a foreign language through simple contexts and working patterns which will develop positive attitudes towards a foreign language.

Our program is divided into cycles and purpose of this fourth cycle is for students to sustain interactions and adapt different situations presented through different texts to their real-life context so they can engage successfully in communicative situations.

Beats! includes…

  • Readers Book. It is a collection of stories, tales and non fictional texts adapted to improve the vocabulary, reading and listening skills. Each story and non fiction texts, has been carefully chosen for them to correlate with the units in the Activity Book.

  • The Audio CD contains all the activities to accompany the Activity Book as well as the texts (stories and facts) included in Readers Book. This material will help students to develop comprehension skills and to practice pronunciation. The scripts for each audio track have been included in Teachers Edition. The CD also includes a set of images to share with students to make their learning more meaningful and enjoyable.

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Conoce Beats 2

Beats! offers a balanced program with contexts and activities that will help students learn the code of the English language as well as the skills required to engage in social practices. They will be able to develop their knowledge and understanding of the code and also to come to see language as a way of communicating between people.


The activities in the program are engaging and students will find real reasons to speak with their classmates. They will also be helped to analyze how language works and use the codes of the English language to express their ideas and opinions about topics of their interest as well as to respectfully agree or disagree with those of others.


The staged  construction of products will enable them to reflect on and evaluate their progress and develop a sense of accomplishment.


The step by step teacher´s guide will accompany instructors from the first day of class and will guide them and help them get the best results from the materials in the book.


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